Straits Tango Penang and Valentine’s Tango at Qba

Hey-lo! On new years day itself I had a shoot which turned out to be the award nominated short film “When?” Great way to┬ástart the new year eh?

when title

Anyway, this being my publicish blog I will be giving y’all my news and a little bit of the man inside. Stuff that won’t get me sent to jail anyway harhar!

The Tango season has stared for me and Aly, we are teaching in the Straits Tango Penang event. Super excited to be giving a new community a jolt of energy.

Catch us at Jammin’ ViaPre On Saturday 22nd for a class on tango basics. And if we like what we see with the students, we will be teaching something a little extra. :) Here’s a link

Also in this month! We will be performing at Qba on Valentine’s day. So mark your calendars on the 14th of February for a set we call “Aspects of love, Faces of tango.”

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