Filming news

A month has gone by and Iski has had a tremendous amount of performing done.

Partner Alyzsa Lim and he, has made a good showing of themselves in the Manila Tango Championship and The Tokyo Championship, gaining third in Manila and receiving positive feedback from such esteemed dancers as Chizuko Kuwamaoto (1st and only Asian Stage Tango Champion so far), Gaspar Godoy (1st Champion) and many others.

After manila, Iski went to Pinewood Iskandar Studios and lent his talent to the production of Marco Polo, a Weinstein Brothers production which will be out on Netflix.

As of right now, he is busy filming the epic fight movie, Pahlawan Mat Kilau, where his efforts will be noted as Sergeant Singh, Head of the Federated Malay States Police action against the fabled Malay Warrior..

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